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Designer Talk - Zeynep Kartal

Zeynep launched her Zeynep Kartal brand at Effingo Fashion Limited beginning of 2013, following more than twenty years of experience in the fashion industry in a variety of areas including textile, design, production and marketing. The Zeynep Kartal ethos is to give every woman who wears a Zeynep Kartal dress a feeling of stylish sophistication and self-confidence. The Zeynep Kartal aesthetic, creates a distinctive sense of elegance and femininity using the finest fabrics including silk, crepe, lace, leather and stunning hand-made embellishments.

Zeynep specialises in luxurious high-end evening wear and bespoke pieces as well as a “Little Ladies” children’s range and handmade leather outerwear. Her prices range from £400 to £1500 within the seasonal collections. For bespoke requests, prices range from £400 to £3000.

Since October Zeynep Kartal has gathered a strong following and exclusive client base. Celebrity clientele include Kym Lomas, Nikki Sanderson, Gemma Merna, Jorgie Porter and Katya Virshilas. In November, Tess Daly wore the Zeynep Kartal, gold-plated, bespoke belt accessory piece whilst presenting Strictly Come Dancing. Alex Gerrard will also be featured in HELLO! magazine’s January edition, wearing the A/W 2013 ‘Hannah’ dress, and the S/S 2014 ‘Camilla’ dress. Zeynep Kartal will also be showcasing her new A/W 2014 collection during February’s London Fashion Week in February.

What makes the perfect dress?

Guest on Allahweh Domain's Zelda Fan Game Livestream

On StratX

The Gaming Goddess herself, Allahweh was kind enough to let me shoe-horn my way into a guest-spot on a recent livestream where she finished playing through a bonus dungeon in the Zelda Fan-game Zelda: Mystery of Solarus. Solarus is set to be viewed as a direct sequel to A Link From the Past, released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Although a fan-game, Zelda:MoS is like a flagship game built on the Solarus game engine. It's a very well-made game.

Apart from her website where she shares gaming reviews, videos and many anecdotes about games and culture, you can also find her on YouTube and Twitch.TV. She also writes on Nerdy But Flirty and Button Smashers.

She's an expert at Guild Wars 2, loves Mega Man and retro-games, but covers a wide variety of gaming.

I really enjoy being a guest on her podcasts and livestreams. Hopefully you'll see more collaboration between us throughout 2014.

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