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To Let Go (of the Pressure of Perfection)

On Basilico

Fear, procrastination, fear. I'm not sure at what point I've realized how much that pattern has permeated my life until this year. Maybe because before I didn't know how to name it, and now I can.

Mindfulness has greatly helped, and so has the un-procrastination month at Sea Change. When I went through that challenge I started writing down the reasons/beliefs/fears that were stopping me from getting on with some MITs. It really helped me see the bigger picture. And by bigger I mean the picture that was hiding underneath, ever present but oh so quiet.

Sometimes the fear had no apparent link to the MIT at hand, but was something global, attached to my present circumstances. And so doing some work in the computer may have been stalled by worries about money, or my relationship.

Since creating this blog and knowing I had to write about how fear affects my procrastinating over things I started noticing many examples. Too many :) And just today, thanks to the Self-Compassion Month, I started thinking that I'm ok giving myself time to figure things out, to not expect immediate action every time I want to do something or create a result. I can put my mind to something and accomplish it in small steps, letting go of previous ideas of what productivity means (...and breathe). The 'lighter' I manage to make a task seem, the more fun it becomes. Making it smaller is working wonders so far. That's the best way I've found to beat the fear, catching it before it has time to settle and become overpowering. I've been focusing on that for a few days now, and I'm looking forward to getting more into the process.

Thanks Leo for all your great advice and for the great Challenges you've set this year so far!

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